Thursday, 18 July 2013

L'OREAL Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleaning Oil : REVIEW

Hey Fabulous You, how have you been? Iv been extremely busy had no time what so ever to blog. Have so much to blog about but just no time to post it up. Anyways I am not going to go too much into all of that and bore you,il get straight to the review.

I usually don't fuss about makeup remover as I love using my olive oil or just plain warm water. So I personally don't even know much about the makeup remover out there in stores. Was in superdrug the other day and was looking around when this caught my eyes. I had no intensions on buying it as I don't use makeup remover like I said. However there was a little voice in me that said 'go on try it'. So I was an obedient little girl and bought it. Dint know how to use it, as in was I to use it directly with my fingers or on a cotton pad. I tried it both ways & worked in both ways.

About The Product

Its a cleansing oil which works in 15 seconds. Instantly dissolves make-up, even waterproof. Re-balances and purifies for healthy looking skin. Lightweight and non-greasy. Its suitable for all skin types.

My Thoughts

I wont really say it works in 15 seconds but it works really fast. Yes it dissolves make-up really well including waterproof makeup. I could be wearing the heaviest makeup and its removes it all. It does leave my skin feeling cleaned & makeup free. It is very lightweight, and glides on your face really smoothly like an oil is suppose to. I don't agree with the non-greasy bit. Now I have oily skin & this is an oil so its gets even more greasy for me. Even thou it leaves my face greasy it still does make my face feel & look clean. Besides the greasiness it does really well on my oily skin. After applying it to my eye area it does leave my eye a little blurred haha but any oil would do that. Doesn't burn the eyes at all. Has a lovely fragrance, I just love the fragrance.

How I Use It

I use it in two ways actually. One is by applying it on a cotton ball, keeping the cotton ball pressed to my eyes for some seconds till it soaks into the eye makeup & then just wipe it off my eyes. Second is like how it says on the instructions of the bottle, pump up some on my finger tips & massage it all over my face concentrating more on my eye area, and wipe off with a cotton ball. Now the instructions on the bottle says to rinse off with warm water after use, I don't do that, I just use a wipes to give my face one gentle wipe down & it does perfectly well for me. To get the little bits from the corners of my eyes I just take a dry cotton bud n wipe it off. You do need to be careful when pumping the oil out of the bottle cause you get quite a lot of oil pumping out with each press.

Would I Repurchase It?

Yes I definitely would. Its an excellent product to have. Its my 1st ever makeup remover iv ever bought & have no regrets at all.

Those are views on the L'OREAL Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleaning Oil. Hope you found it helpful. If your looking for a new makeup remover to try il definitely suggest to try this. Apologies on the second picture of how it works, but it was my only way to show you exactly what it does. Let me know if you liked the review. Thank you for reading.


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